This site picks NBA games against the spread, using odds from left moments before.
For evening games, picks will be posted as a group on Twitter within a few minutes of 6 P.M. EDT, well before tipoff on both coasts.
Picks for afternoon games will also be posted as a group as much as possible, and at least 45 minutes before tipoff.
The methodology assumes linesmakers know what they’re doing, and however little they miss, bettors worldwide quickly catch.
So the site uses a random walk approach, rather than relying on narratives, inside information, or trends.
Each wager this season will be for $100 plus a vig.
All wagers and dollar amounts listed on the site are hypothetical, but wholly based on real, readily available information at the time the wagers are posted.
Sports wagering sample sizes are inescapably small. Results will vary day to day, and small streaks will develop in both directions.
But across the season, the target for the model is to win 60% of the time; if all wagers are made equally, that result will produce multiples of any starting stake.
Fingers crossed.
Welcome to NBAlinebreaker.